Năm 2011 và trước:


    kênh youtube đã có các video vũ điệu: 'cuồng điên'; Passion... thực sự, không bị biên tập, cắt ghép...: 


    Những hình ảnh vui


    Cat Chasing a Mouse

    Spot the cat in the group that has taken speed or some other drug


    A dog looking like an accoutant explaining that they can't afford a cat

    A groundhog rolling a joint

    A man holding a giant cat in his living room

    A big fat cat looking toward the camera with a contented look

    A dog that refuses to go outside and will do anything to ensure that including holding onto the door frame

    A couple of monkeys on a night out drinking and smoking

    He's a cute, furry, little kitten but don't cross him or he'll get you with his..........sniper rifle?!?!?

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? no it's super....squirrel? getting desperate to fill the role now arn't they



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