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Lessons My Father Taught Me

I watched you today, as you watched your grandchildren, my children- and wondered how you endured the pain, fear, joy and elation that transforms us into parents.
I remembered the patience, the laughter, the tears. Do I have the strength to endure it all?

It is with great anticipation that I take these baby steps as guardian, guide and parent, filled with a fear of flying and failing- hoping that I might find as you have- the child within myself, the magic of youth.
To encourage the spirit and to nurture the imagination as well as the soul.

I will move slowly, delicately, yet boldly- armed with the wisdom of your life, your love, with full awareness of my shortcomings, yet pride in my strength, thankful that it was you that brought me to this place, this time, this love.
I watched you today as you watched your grandchildren.

Poem by Monique Wright-Hanna

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