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The art of getting rich

The art of getting rich

1. Since being a child, you should learn how to spend money in the most effective way and think of the way to create interest for your money.
2. Always keep the flame of indulgence and do not feel ashamed of getting profits from your indulgence.
Define your opinion of wealth:
In your point of view, what is wealth? That is the question you need to find out the answer before getting rich. If you do not have your own opinion so how can you monitor or evaluate the success? If you can not define what the wealth is, then can you know that these principles are helpful for you?
By finding your own definition of the wealth, you will have a target to go. Set up an objective by giving you the deadline for winning that objective. You have threw yourself in danger spot of a new way, new direction and that is worthy for you to keep it as your own secret. That is simply that if everyone knows about your idea, you will have fewer opportunities.
3. Know to “scent” the opportunity, if you have an opportunity, quickly take it.
4. If you have ability and condition, take up that new job yourself, do not be afraid of challenge. If you do it yourself, then you will get much experience and withdraw many interesting lessons. Of course, it is useful to consult the experienced persons before trying any thing new.
5. Reduce time you spend for playing and entertainment, focus on working and pay your all best efforts.
6. Keep learning new secrets, experience from successful persons in the world through newspaper, books, internet,...
7. Be patient, creative and pay best efforts to do wise things and carry out exactly to get best results.
8. Plan wisely and have wise strategies.
9. Do not be afraid of. Mistakes are invaluable, try carefully these mistakes, learn from these mistakes and take advantage from them.
10. Do business on bankrupt companies – the new art of getting rich: One of the common business tricks is buying potential bankrupt companies and then recover them with modern equipments as well as new management method and re-organization or buying other companies at low price and then focusing on the business sector with potentials for development.
11. In an organization, we have to work with other people and work for other people. Individuals must cooperate closely with others so that everyone can achieve his objectives.
12. Remember that the rich do not work for money but they make money work for them.
13. Before doing business or production, we should think of the possibility of consuming the products at the present as well as in the future, consumers’ taste,... so that actual and feasible strategy can be planned.
14. Always find out how the rich earns money.
15. Take advantage of the opportunity and be ahead of the opportunity, to be ahead of one’s time.
16. Do not believe in exaggerated news in the market, especially in the security market.
17. Spend money properly at the right place, in the right time, do not waste money.
18. Investors must understand potential risks before buying complicated financial products to avoid serious losses.
19. Sure of oneself, to do step by step, to be sure of success.

There are some of numberless stories of the success around the world:

Story 1: Increasing 2/3 of land for the government
300 km away from the center of the Washington capital (the USA) to the east, there was a quite nice unoccupied land lot. However, this land lot was located in the climate zone where it was dry all year round and the land was not fat and far way from the center so even the land lot was advertised for sales for a long time but no one asked to buy.
After that, the land lot was sold with low price for a quite famous businessman in the area. Every one wondered why that businessman bought that land lot. When the businessman explained that he would donate 2/3 of the land lot to the local government, everyone felt surprised. However, being a person who had loved for the education so that businessman asked the government to build a university school on that land lot. Because the request of that businessman was very suitable with the actual demand for opening a university in area so his request was accepted.
A time after that, a modern university was constructed on that land lot. Taking this advantage, on 1/3 remained area of the land lot, the businessman constructed a complex including: restaurant, bar, cinema, supermarket, fashion shop,... to serve students of the university. No long time after, the business was developed and the businessman earned much profits from the money paid for buying the land lot. The university attracted more and more students so the business of that businessman was developed well. Until that time, everyone knew that:”the donation of land for the government of that businessman gave him more benefits than keeping that land area”.

Story 2: Buy ticket, give peanut
At the age of 15, a famous businessman of the USA had to work for a professional horse-racecourse. What he had to do was selling sundries and drinks for visitors. However, because the racecourse was small so the number of visitors was limited. So the business of that boy was not good.
In order to stop this situation, the boy requested the owner of the racecourse to open a promotion period for people who bought tickets to the racecourse. The promotion method proposed by that child was giving free a bag of peanut for anyone who bought a ticket. After considering the owner did not accept his proposal because he thought that he had lost a quite big amount of money. However, the boy did not give up and he persuaded the owner that he would bear all costs of peanut, but the owner had to give him a half of interest from increased quantity of visitors and the owner agreed.
The boy bought raw peanut by his own money to roast and then divided into small bags. Then he made an advertisement board at the gate of the racecourse that: “Buy one ticket, give free a bag of peanut” with the hope that the number of visitors would increase. Exactly as what he guessed, the visitors had one bag of peanut to eat during the race. After eating peanut, they all felt thirty and needed a bottle of water. And then the boy received ½ of the interest from increased quantity of visitors and had more income from selling water. Actually income of the boy had increased 8-10 times.
With that intelligent idea for sales, the 15-year old boy had the potential of being a successful businessman in the future and time proved this.

Story 3: Experience from protecting trademark of Phan Thiet Fish Sauce (Viet Nam). 
Facing with counterfeit goods, the most important solution for enterprises is to protect themselves. Recently, Phan Thiet Fish Sauce Joint Stock Company decided to use the Hologram stamp to protect their products from counterfeit goods and confirm their quality, protect and promote the trade mark and protect benefits of the consumers.

Story 4: A child peddling knives named Sheldon Adelson became billionaire thanks to his own efforts who is one of the most successful businesspersons of the world. He shared his experience as follows: Particular calculation is important for doing business: “My advice for young businesspersons are that be serious and have particular calculation in doing business. Being a leader, you must comply with all principles to ensure that every details even the smallest detail are completed accurately. We must check and tighten carefully every nut to ensure the enterprise machine can work properly”. Sheldon Adelson said.

Story 5: Quang Nam (Viet Nam): The country women get rich.
Simple, good, sincere and sentimental,…Those are typical characters of the women in poor villages but they get rich with their own efforts from different economic models. In Phong Ngu Tay village, Dien Thang Nam commune (Dien Ban), Ms. Le Thi Nguyet is famous for being a successful woman with the nickname “Nguyet Um Cut”. She got married at the age of 20 and the whole inherited property of the young couple was some perches of crop. Now, with our own eyes to look at her farm, we are so surprised. She has a crop of watermelon of more than 12 ha at the harvest; next there are 30 cows and buffalos, 600 small ducks and 500 chickens. On the farm, besides watermelon, other trees such as green chili, papaws and more than 12 thousand of cajuput seed trees of 1 year old. In 2008, after deducting the capital, she got a profit of more than 200 million VND. At the harvest period, she creates job for many other women and she also directly supports labours and seed trees and seed animals for other poor women. (Source: Quang Nam Newspaper).

Story 6: Grown up in a poor family
Roy Thomson was born in 1894 in a very poor family in Toronto, Canada. His father is a barber at his village with small income which could not be enough for supporting the whole family. Thus, Roy Thomson was not provided with sufficient education. Since being a small child, Roy Thomson had to work to earn money. When he was 10 years old, Roy Thomson had to give up his study when he just finished the primary school. Firstly, Roy Thomson worked for a coal selling shop and he worked very hard,…Roy Thomson was the first person who could see the big potential of the broadcasting market when this market first appeared. Being aware properly the role and business value of means of communication, Roy Thomson had planned the creative and audacious investment strategy in this market. Now, the Thomson Corp is one of the biggest economic groups in Canada with the value of more than 30 billion USD in accordance with evaluation of the market. The owner of this Corp is Thomson’s family.




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